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I firmly believe the college audition process can be easier. By starting early with guided expertise, you can maximize your admissions, and save money and time. I've helped families who were at the breaking point totally reverse course, navigating them to multiple acceptances and lowering their blood pressure.

I know every student's needs are different, so I offer an array of options to best give you the help you're looking for.


What's right for you?


C.A.P. Connect: Your virtual guided course, on your own time.

The Flagship Program: Work directly with Drew, from beginning-to-end

Summer Intensive: Your opportunity for colleges to get to know you early & see your talents close up

C.A.P. Connect

Maximize admissions on your own schedule




Even during times of uncertainty, you can still have all the benefits of top-rated college audition prep without leaving your home. 

C.A.P. Connect is a completely virtual guided tutorial of the entire prep system I share with my one-on-one students, now accessible in an easy online course. In this course, you'll learn how to:

  •  Build your targeted school list
  • bust the myths about where to find great audition material, what 'classic' advice to avoid. 
  •  The three tenants of any monologue or song to make it real and alive every time. 
  • unlearn the "rules" about college auditions, to eliminate the anxiety you've picked up!
  • film a terrific pre-screen without anything fancy 
  •  ask for more money when you're accepted!
  • Plus much, much, more!

And with our premium membership, you'll also get a live weekly support call with me!

I'll be there to answer all your questions and walk you through the each part of your progress, step-by-step.


The Flagship Program

Serious about college audition prep? Work with me one-on-one!
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Our hallmark program. Working one-on-one with Drew, we'll give you ultimate preparation for your college auditions, from your very first consultation.

The flagship program includes:

-Your Own Targeted School List

-Complete Audition Requirements

-Monologue selection.

-Song selection

-Coaching your monologues.

-Pre-Screens filming

-Mock Auditions.

-Support at all your Unifieds

-Financial Aid direction

-Guidance on choosing a school

-Getting off the waitlist tutorial

A la carte, the Flagship Program's value is $5625

But I'm taking 40% off if you enroll in the package, and it's only $3307. 

You can pay up front, or over 3 or 6 installments.  

If you're ready to take that next step toward really elevating your audition, so you can maximize admissions and bring in big time scholarship dollars--I am so excited to make it possible for you!

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CAP Summer Intensive

A week long immerse training & seminar for parents and students

This summer, join the most exciting college audition prep program in the country!
Schools joining us this year include:

Syracuse University: Rufus Bonds, Jr, (star of Broadway's "Parade" & "Rent,")

Baldwin Wallace University: Anjanette Hall, Acting

University of Arizona: Hank Stratton & Danny Gurwin, heads of MT and Acting

Oklahoma City University: Dr. Courtney Crouse, dir of OKC Vocal Institute

UC Irvine: Andrew Palermo, Dance. (Choreographer: Bway "Allegiance" and "Meteor Shower."

We wanted to add a little more so...our choreographer will be helping students film their college pre-screen dance auditions!

And we're decided to add a half day parent-only financial aid bootcamp to open up the coffers that are waiting for you, and give you a clear picture of what schools can do the most for you financially, hosted by Chapman financial aid director David Carnevale.

We also added a Shakespeare component from Russ Marchand, designed to pair you early with a monologue and give you control of the text, not the other way around!

CAP founder Drew Boudreau is also doing a workshop with parents and students for how to effectively work together to maximize admissions, reduce anxiety, and significantly boost your way to the top of schools' lists, all without losing your marbles.

AND after all that, Jessica Vosk is coming fresh off her Broadway run as Elphaba to do a master class with the kids!

Finally we added a mock audition to the very end, to bolster the students' confidence early in the process and ratchet up their odds of mega offers from schools!