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University of Central Florida

Let's talk about one of the most affordable programs in the country!
Introducing the accomplished and fun Mr. Earl Weaver! Earl has been working at the University of Central Florida since about 2003. He is the Coordinator for the Musical The…

Most Affordable Programs

Let's talk about some affordable programs you may not have heard of
Let’s talk about affordability! Affordability is a huge component of choosing the right schools for your student(s). But how do you know if the program you are choosing, wh…

Hussian College

Looking for an extremely unique campus? This school might be for you!
Are you interested in participating in a BFA program at a theatre college that’s located on a Hollywood studio lot? ME TOO! Scott Barnhardt is the lead faculty for the Cont…

CU Boulder

Find out what's going on at CU Boulder and why it should be on your list of schools to check out!
Colorado. The state of outdoor everything! If you want four seasons a year, you need to check out CU Boulders program! Bud Coleman, Head of undergrad musical theater progra…