The Yes's are coming

Dec 20, 2020

It's the Season of "No," but not for long

It's December 20th, and while everyone else is doing their Christmas shopping and wrapping up finals, you're wrapped in a blanket of anxiety because you've received almost all "no" responses from your college audition pre-screens. 

I'm here to tell you...this is exactly how it's supposed to happen. 

The "no's" come first. It's just pragmatic, not personal. If a school doesn't think you're a fit, there's nothing else for them to consider, and you get an email right away. 

If a school is considering you, they've got things to think about. Where do you fit with the season they've got planned, and the season after that? What kind of aid package can they offer you on top of the admissions office aid? Are they mulling over redirecting you to the acting program so they can keep you in the program?

That stuff takes time. So if you haven't heard from your school yet--good!!

In the meantime, you're going to get a hundred 'no' responses from schools. I'm waiting on 475 responses for my students. We have three 'yes' answers thus far. Everyone is trudging through 'no' right now. It's universal. Wade through it. Wait through it, because the season of yes starts next month and goes through March. And it's so glorious. 

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