Harrt School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Mar 03, 2022

Do I want to catch a Broadway show every weekend?... well, that’s a silly question.

This is absolutely possible if you attend the Harrt School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Tracey Moore, who is the head of Harrt’s MT BFA program is here talking with us today. Tracey actually started out as a performer. Not to name drop or anything but she was in Camelot with Dumbledor… the first one! That’s right folks! Richard Harris himself! She also toured as Emma in Ragtime, and so many more productions. After performing for years, she decided she needed to figure out her next chapter which led her to eventually teaching at Harrt.

Harrt is a conservatory program with the University of Hartford. The school itself has about 5000 undergrads and about 1000 grad students. The perks of being a conservatory, are that the emphasis is completely on your skills. They really hone in on you acting, singing, dancing and train you to be the best you can be. You are also given ample professional opportunities through some of the partnership that have been built into the curriculum!

For the students asking about performing right away. Well, you can, and you can’t. Let me explain. As a Freshman and a Sophomore, you are NOT able to perform on the main stage. You can however be on the crew. Sophomore year you are able to be in what they call “in-house” productions where you perform only for the theater program. Freshmen do have an opportunity to perform though. The seniors in the program participate in something called the Honors projects. These projects can be plays, cabarets, musicals, etc., and freshmen can audition and perform in these.

So where do you live while you’re at Harrt? The first two years you are required to live on campus. There are so many things to do though, you won’t mind a bit! Being only 2 ½ hours away from New York City, you could catch a show every weekend (take me with you!), or you could head over to Boston which is only 2 hours away.

Now for the parents’ big question. How much is this going to cost you? Well, it’s not cheap. BUT they do offer financial aid programs, which they call discounts, and on average students get about 50% off of their tuition. There are a few other financial aid opportunities you can check out on their website, and of course fill out the FAFSA!!

Tuition- tuition discounts- average discount is 50%. A few financial aid opportunities are available as well. FAFSA!!!!

If you would like more information, you can visit the school’s website, or go to our CAP Parent Portal!


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