Feb 24, 2022

Laissez les bon temps rouler

With that being said- New Orleans, what a town! The history, the community, the parties…. OH! And Tulane University!

We’re talking today with Michael McKelvey who is the Interim Head of Musical Theater and the Artistic Director of the Summer Lyric Theater at Tulane. Michael spent some time working as the Head of Musical Theatre Voice at Point Mark University and headed up the music program at St. Edwards University.

The program at Tulane is very unique in the sense that they don’t go to all of the big auditions, and to get into their BFA program, you can audition your sophomore year. Tulane is part of a group of southern schools that are almost their own set of Ivy League schools. If you can get into Tulane, and you can afford Tulane, you can more than likely get into the program. Most students at Tulane also double major!! The program is not a conservatory but is smaller than other schools. It consists of both a BA and BFA program as well!

This school strives to be as inclusive as possible in their casting, and opens auditions up for anyone in the program, meaning you could potentially get the lead in your freshman year!

With all the entertainment in the area, Tulane is a great school for student life and experiences. You can live on campus or off campus, and still have some amazing times!

Plus, a bonus- Tulane is one of the only schools in the country that REQUIRES you to take a public service class!! How cool is that?

Now, I know the biggest obstacle might be the cost to go to this amazing school, but there are scholarship programs available, so please go and check them out!

To discuss the program more with Michael, you can email him at mmckelvey@tulane.edu. You can also go to our CAP Parents Portal for more information! So… Let’s let the good times roll!


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