Getting Off the Waitlist

Feb 03, 2022

Finding yourself on a wait list? I think I can help!


RECAP TIME! A waitlist is basically a list of students who are all just as qualified as those who have already been accepted, they just don’t have open slots available right now. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A SECOND CHOICE! Please do not think this. Being waitlisted means they absolutely want you; they just haven’t found an open space for you yet!

The person who doesn’t get into the school from the waitlist, is the person who does nothing after being put on that list. The person who doesn’t give up is much more likely to get in. Email them and thank them for the audition and the opportunity to be considered for the program!

Next… write them again. Tell them they are high on your list, make them feel like the bell of the ball, butter them up a bit. THEN… DO IT AGAIN! If they are your number 1 choice, and you are dead serious about that school, you need to tell them in your email that you are ready to make a deposit NOW!

But why send so many emails? Because they will recognize your name from your emails when they turn to the waitlist to pull students! They don’t want to beg you to go there, they want students who really want to be there. So, sending the emails shows them how much you really want it.

It’s weird, yes! But keep in mind, it might feel weird and awkward for you, but it’s extremely helpful for the admissions staff. Get over the weirdness of it. You want them to hear the words “you’ve got mail”

If you would like more information on this process, visit our CAP Parents Portal!! Happy writing!


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