Emerson College

Feb 10, 2022

Emerson College

So many BFA’s I don’t know which to choose!

Today we are talking with Eric Weiss, the Director of Programming for the department of Performing Arts at Emerson College. Eric studied acting at Syracuse University receiving his undergrad degree. He then moved to NYC for about 8 years to perform, and finally found his way to Emerson where he was actually a student first. Eric decided to participate in their grad program in theatre education. That was back in 1999, and he’s never left!

Emerson College- a unique school with over 8 BFA programs available to you! Each student must complete 128 credits to receive their degree, but there are so many paths to choose from, any student could find a home here. With an incredibly active student theatre scene, a diverse student body, and the high rankings amongst other schools for being LGBTQ friendly; this school could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

One thing to keep in mind; this school is for the go getters. Highly aggressive (action takers) students will absolutely thrive here! AND, if  you’re thinking about those college auditions as I hope you are, Emerson will be at the UNIFIEDS! So go check out their website and programs and put them on your list! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to apply here!

If you want more information on Emerson College, visit our CAP Parents Portal!!


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