University of Central Florida

Jan 27, 2022

Introducing the accomplished and fun Mr. Earl Weaver!

Earl has been working at the University of Central Florida since about 2003. He is the Coordinator for the Musical Theatre program. Earl spent his early years in SoCal in the riverside area, performing all over. With many theater credits under his belt, Earl is an amazing match for a program like this. (We even worked at the same theater… at different times of course).

The University of Southern Florida has one of the most affordable programs available. It is an accredited program as well, which means that the students are required to participate in at least two productions! The school also allows for anyone to audition for each production regardless of year. They pride themselves on conducting auditions like real world auditions. Meaning, the best person for the job gets it, you can’t phone it in even if you’re a senior and they’ve seen you perform many times before, and helps to keep you on your game. In fact, students are required to audition!

So, you’re in Florida right? And what’s in Florida? Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and other theme parks. You know what you can do about that? AUDITION!! The school allows students to audition and work in productions outside of the school, so head on over to the Mouse and audition for a show or parade!

Now, one of the most important questions- is there financial aid available? YES! Earl suggests you fill out the FAFSA application (you all know the one I’m talking about). And do your research! This is an amazing school with amazing opportunities, but it is a very large school (68,000 students) so it makes for a very competitive atmosphere. You need to be sure that is a good fit for you!

So, if you’re looking to book a college audition at one of the best BFA theatre college programs around, head on over to University of Central Florida! For more information, visit our CAP Parents Portal!


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