Most Affordable Programs

Jan 20, 2022

Let’s talk about affordability!

Affordability is a huge component of choosing the right schools for your student(s). But how do you know if the program you are choosing, while affordable, is worth it educationally for your student? I’m here to help! Here are the top 10 most affordable and best training programs you’ve never heard of!

1. Southern Illinois University Carbondale: This beautiful school offers a BFA in musical theater, has the heaviest emphasis on voice, small class sizes, no out of state fees, and comes in at the price of around $29,000 per year. This includes room and board!

2. Northern Kentucky University (Cincinnati): You can get a BFA in Musical Theater, Acting, Playwriting, AND Stage Management. That’s a lot of BFA’s! They focus heavily on the acting side, and it comes in at around $28,000 per year!

3. University of Southern Maine: BM in Musical Theatre, major focus on voice and music, and only costs around $35,000 a year (merit and need based aid are available).

4. University of Minnesota Duluth: NINE, that’s right Nine BFA’s in theatre, including Musical theatre and Acting! Triple threat focused school, costing around 30,000 per year.

5. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: BA in Music Theatre, voice and music focused, and max price per year is $30,000. What a steal!

6. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point: BFA in Musical Theatre, Triple Threat program, $24,000 per year, and all the cheese you could eat!

7. Southeast Missouri State: BFA in Musical Theatre, Triple Threat Program, $24,100 per year

8. Shawnee State: BFA in Musical Theatre, Triple Threat program, $29,000 per year

9. Valdosta State: BFA in Musical Theatre, Triple Threat program, $30,000 per year

10. Western Carolina University: BFA in Music Theatre, Acting and Voice focused, Terrance Mann (OG Beast, OG Javert, 3-time Tony Nominee) on faculty!!!!!!! And only $19,000 per year. WHAT?!?! Where can I sign up?

So, there you have it folks! A full list of affordable schools with best training programs! If you would like more information, visit our CAP Parent Portal!!


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