CU Boulder

Jan 06, 2022

Colorado. The state of outdoor everything! If you want four seasons a year, you need to check out CU Boulders program!

Bud Coleman, Head of undergrad musical theater program at CU Boulder is our guide today. Bud is originally from Texas and initially majored in architecture, but quickly realized he was better suited for theater and dance (lucky for us) which he did receive a BFA and minor in respectively. Bud has years of experience, not just as a professor, but as a professional in the acting world. He was part of an all-male dance company in New York, and became a Broadway dresser after suffering an injury, where he learned so much about the industry and the directors, he was able to work with. Did I mention he has a PHD from the University of Austin?

So, why CU Boulder? Well for one, it has two different musical theater programs available to you while on your journey to your BFA. This college theater offers a BM program focused more on the music end of things, and then your standard theater program. But this school is anything but standard. Both programs work off what Bud calls, the same spine. This is the heartbeat of both programs. With these two programs available, you’re also able to petition to switch to the other if you feel it would be a better fit for you.

CU Boulder offers a welcoming environment for all their students. And is a safe place for the LGBTQ community. Inclusion is a main focus for this program. As Bud states “We really try to be humane.” Meaning they aren’t one of those schools who beat you down to build you up. They start off building you up from the beginning. This is somewhat unique in theater programs, and something to really consider.

I’m sure as an incoming freshman you biggest question is: “Will I be able to perform?” The answer is YES!! Auditions are open to everyone… and I mean EVERYONE. If a science major decides they want to take a crack at center stage, they can absolutely audition. They do not restrict auditions to anyone, which again is an amazing opportunity not given at many schools.

If you absolutely fall in love with Colorado, which you will because its beautiful, the school holds a Shakespear festival each summer that the students are able to take part in. They even offer a small stipend for those who do. Whether you do decide to stay year-round, or you decide to go home during breaks Colorado also allows students to gain residency. That could mean a discount in your tuition!!!

And finally, scholarships? Yes. Scholarships are available for this program. Bud suggests you fill out that FAFSA application we keep talking about! But there’s one more perk at this school that is so rare it’s like finding a diamond in the rough… MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE. I repeat, MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Based on your GPA you could receive a merit scholarship! This does not happen with many schools, so it’s definitely something you should take advantage of.

If you’d like to learn more about CU Boulder, you can visit the school’s website, or email Bud at

You can also find out more on our CAP Parent Portal! And if you haven’t joined yet…, what are you waiting for?


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