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University of Minnesota

Posted by drew on November 25, 2021

University of Minnesota

Nov 25, 2021

Grab your jackets and gloves, we’re headed to the Twin Cities to meet Goldy the Gopher and the incomparable Aaron Todd Douglas with the University of Minnesota!

Talk about an amazing program! If you’re looking for a school that will not only teach you what you need to know about this industry we call show, but also have your back as you go through the process, give you opportunities to perform and travel, and even double major- The University of Minnesota Guthrie Theatre BFA after training program is for you!

Aaron Todd Douglas is the head of this amazing program. Finishing grad school in Chicago, he helped start the Congo Square Theatre Company, taught at Loyola University, North Western, and finally made his way to U of Minnesota. He also received a fellowship at Victory Gardens Theater.

U of Minnesota is an amazing theatre college! This university not only offers a great theater program, the program allows for you to audition outside of the school during your third and fourth years (with an exemption that you apply for), and they REQUIRE you to travel abroad for your fall semester of your junior year! How amazing is that!

Aaron even answered some of our most asked questions; Is it safe for the LGBTQ community? YES!; Is there entertainment for the students around the city? YES!; Are there sporting events I can attend? ABSOLUTELY!; Will I get to participate in a showcase? YOU BET! In fact, they currently have a digital showcase that they hold each year which gives you the opportunity to be seen by even more agents and casting directors than you would if you went to a live showcase in a single town.

Now for the parents big question- What will this cost for tuition, room, and board? Well that depends. There is a great breakdown of costs on the schools website at www.cla.umn.edu. In state tuition runs around $28,942 per year, and Out of state tuition runs around $48,740 a year. These costs include tuition, housing, books, and even personal expenses. PLUS, the statistics show that around 75% of students receive financial aid, 43% of the BA and Grad students graduate debt FREE, and each semester every credit after 13 is FREE!

So if you want to attend a theatre college with a BFA program that not only has a lot to teach, but shows compassion, and empathy towards their students, University of Minnesota is where it’s at! Now all you need to do is make sure you’re ready for your college audition! And get accepted into the school of course!