Choosing your minor

May 22, 2021

Theatre majors: What should you minor in?
The short answer is: either something that you love, or something that will give you a leg up once you're out of school.
If you are really passionate about political science, minor in it! Or physics, or engineering! You'll be doing theatre 50 hours a week, so having different subjects you love learning about on your plate will be a welcome break for you.
Now, what minors get you the most bang for your buck post-graduation?
1. Computer Science, specifically coding. You'll design your own website and it won't cost a thing. You'll make casting directors & agents & managers want to keep exploring your media & credits.
You'll also be the go-to website builder for other actors in your circle, and bring it continuous income.
2. Video editing. Imagine being able to cover all your living expenses & put some away for savings! Video editing is a precise skill in demand, and sometimes one project can pay your bill for months!
Now which minors can help you be prepared to manage your business--yourself--the best?
1. Pre-Law, specifically business law. You'll be working with a myriad of different employers as a professional entertainer. Know how to read contracts and how to manage your taxes as a sole proprietorship or S-Corp. You'll also be able to fight against unlawful working conditions, and negotiate your contracts with greater authority
2. Business. You'll get a bevy of tools to master your own business including marketing, finance, and agreements.
3. Biology/Anatomy: As a dancer, singer or actor, your body is your instrument for sharing your story. Knowing the inner mechanics is a huge boost for your longevity. In addition, if you decide to get your master's degree is voice, vocal pedagogy, speech language pathology, or dance, you will be required to have undergraduate classes in biology and anatomy.


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