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Financial Aid Freedom & Getting off the Waitlist

June 15 & June 18: Registration now open!

This summer, get a head start on helping your student finance their education! David Carnevale, head of financial aid at Chapman University will teach you what financial aid IS and what it ISN'T, how to get more, and who to get it from. Become a money master before fall comes around!

BONUS: Getting off the waitlist! The audition isn't all there is to getting into your school. Find out what the other criteria are, and the actions you can take to get on a schools' radar and off their waitlist. 


What People are Saying

Isabella Wouters

Isabella Wouters, UCLA MT

We were so very pleased with the guidance, support and expertise that CAP provided for our daughter. Their professional, encouraging and positive manner helped Isabella grow tremendously as a performer and feel fully prepared for her college auditions. We are beyond grateful and excited for Isabella’s acceptance to UCLA Musical Theatre! We couldn’t have got through this journey without CAP!

Tamara Wouters

Accepted to UCLA

Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen, Pace MT

When I started with Drew, I didn't have any kind of direction, and by the time I was finished I felt so confident in my songs and monologues, as well as my school choices. He really guided me through the whole process, and I owe so much of getting into Pace to him. 

Jordyn Davis

Jordyn Davis--CCPA MT

If your son or daughter is getting ready for college auditions and applications in the fall you need to contact Drew for coaching. My daughter got into many of her top choices and is currently at one of her DREAM schools in her DREAM city! Jamie (Jordyn's mom)

Jamie Davis

Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA)

Molly Adams

Molly Adams, Columbia Chicago MT

My daughter Molly was a junior and already applying to colleges when I heard about CAP. We called Drew and he squeezed Molly in right away. It was immediately obvious he was not only skilled and knowledgeable about the college audition process, but that he had a genuine passion for helping students navigate the often intimidating process of college auditions. His teaching and mentoring skills were so appreciated during a very stressful time. Molly ended up with several options for college and chose to attend school in Chicago. Thanks, Drew and CAP!

Kris Erickson Adams

Accepted to Columbia College

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